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More than 300 people have reached Canada’s top political role as a first minister. Only 14 have been women. Let’s face it: our progress towards electing leaders who actually reflect the population they serve has been... Not. Good. Enough.

So how do we make it better?

Join host Kate Graham to see what we can learn from countries around the world about seeing more women in top political leadership roles.

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To see more diversity in our political leadership, we need to seek out concrete solutions that have worked. Only then can each of us work towards making change wherever we are.

No Second Chances Season Two is your ticket to travel the world with us, examining what’s worked in countries around the world towards the political empowerment of women in top political roles. Hear stories and voices that you may not know yet—but that we should all be paying attention to.

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The Host

Kate Graham, PhD

Kate Graham, PhD

Senior Fellow, Canada 2020

Kate Graham researches, writes, speaks and teaches about politics in Canada. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. Kate teaches in the Political Science departments at Huron University College and Western University. She was an associate producer of the 25% documentary (see: 25percent.ca) about the underrepresentation of women in Canadian politics.

Before entering academia, Kate spent a decade working as a public servant, most recently as the Director, Community & Economic Innovation at the City of London. Kate was named one of London’s Top 20 Under 40 in 2015 for her work in this role.

Kate has also dabbled in politics herself, including running in the 2018 Provincial Election in Ontario and for Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party in 2020. It was through the experience of knocking on tens of thousands of doors in the 2018 election, and hearing many perspectives about then Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, that the idea for No Second Chances was born.

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